28 Water Treatment Plants in Pahang Record Low Readings

KUANTAN, 27 Feb: Twenty-eight of the 80 water treatment plants throughout Pahang recorded low water levels due to the drought and other factors.

The Public Relations Officer of Pengurusan Air Pahang Berhad (PAIP), Datuk Jafar Abdullah said the affected plants were located in eight districts which obtained their water sources from the Sungai Pahang tributaries and the Sungai Pahang itself.


He said seven of the plants were in the district of Lipis, Jerantut (5), Temerloh (4), Maran (4), Pekan (3), Bentong (3) and one each in Rompin and Bera.

“If the drought prolonged further, it will lead to the plants that record low water levels to be closed down,” he told Bernama today.

Besides the drought factor, Jafar said the low water level reading was due to the fact that the flow of river water at the water intake point was blocked by sand which caused the water to overflow elsewhere.

As a result, he said, cleaning works were being carried out at the water intake plant besides constructing a sand wall on the river bank near the water intake point to enable a smooth flow of the river water into the plant.

“However, the volume of water at the 28 treatment plants could still cater to the needs of the consumers in the area,” he said.

According to the record, Pahang supplied water to almost two million consumers at the rate of more than 34 million cubic metres per month.


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