Bring Proof & We Will Not Hide Anything – PKR JPP

SHAH ALAM, 29 Apr: The PKR Election Committee (JPP) 2014 welcomes every report and evidence from groups or individuals regarding any form of fraud that takes place in the election this time.

Its Chairman, Datuk Johari Abdul, said that those who wish to submit any objections or memorandum may do so in writing and submit it directly to him or his office.

“I welcome anyone who has information. Not necessarily by an organisation, but individuals with evidence or information regarding fraud.


“If you come, it must be with evidence. Bring the report or objection in writing to be submitted to me or the Chairman of the Panel of Investigation, Malek Hussin.

“Hopefully, Malek and his team will investigate it and we will not hide anything,” he told Selangor Kini today.

It is understood that a peaceful demonstration will be carried out to urge the cleaning of the election process to be done on the initiative of party members who love democracy in the party in front of the PKR Headquarters, starting at 3pm on April 30.

In a press conference yesterday, Johari said that the JPP will investigate allegations of fraud ion the election process in several branches in Sarawak, involving the candidate for the PKR Deputy President’s post, Azmin Ali.

He said that investigations on the allegations are being carried out and the findings will be announced as soon as possible.

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