20,000 users share video of American journalist criticising Israel

SHAH ALAM, 16 July: A video of a US journalist who was furious with the brutal attacks of the Israeli military regime on Gaza in Palestine gained worldwide attention, especially on social networking sites.

To date, an estimate of over 20,000 Facebook users have shared the video on their private accounts with hopes that it would be watched by more people.


The three-minute video during the Russia Today (RT) programme shows Abby Martin, 30, openly expressing her regret over the incident in Gaza and also condemned the mainstream media of only reporting information from one side.

Abby, or Abigail Suzanne Martin, also slammed the US government for supporting the attack by saying that Gaza terrorists began the attacks to intentionally harm civilians in Israel.

In fact, the statement from the White House Press Secretary, Josh Earnest, said that they appreciate the public call by the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to “act responsibly”.

“Wait, what? Acting responsibly? I must be in the twilight zone because to me, the collective punishment of en entire population is the opposite of responsible.

“Just in the last 24 hours Israeli forces have conducted air strikes that have struck a 160 sites in Gaza according to the IDF (Israeli Defence Forces). In total, 560 sites have been bombed.

“So, while the US government can go on and on about Israel’s right to defend itself, take heed of the increasing death toll in Gaza and the fact that no Israelis have yet died as a result of Hamas rockets,” Abby said sarcastically.

She denounced deadly force on both sides, but she said that it is important to not frame this as a cycle of violence that is equal.

Abby said that Israel is the colonised oppressor and the Palestine is the colonised oppressed.

“I am sick of my Palestinian friends losing their friends and family every time Israel goes on the offence against innocent people living in an open-air prison.

“So, if demolishing homes, conducting mass arrests and bombing civilians is, quote, “responsible”, I shudder to think how many people have to die in order to define “irresponsibility”.

Israeli forces continue to oppress Palestinians by launching a campaign to capture Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) members and academics in the West Bank.

Until now, it was reported that 36 PLC members are in Israeli prisons.

Israel began attacks on the Gaza Strip last Monday, causing over 170 Palestinians being killed, the majority being civilians, women and children.


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