Water issue: Wet weather expected for this week

SHAH ALAM, 9 AUGUST: Selangor will be expecting downpour and thunderstorms at a few locations throughout this week.

According to the official website of Malaysia Meteorological Department, rain will start from the 8th till the 14th of August. The rain will be accompanied by thunderstorms, mostly in the evenings.
Before this, state government Exco, Dr Ahmad Yunus Hairi announced that there will be no water rationing process for the time being.


He said, the state government has drafted long term plans to accommodate rising needs for water supply.
The hot and dry weather throughout the country has caused water supply to be low at a few water dams, but it is expected to improve as rainy weather is expected throughout next week.

Deputy Director of Weather and Climate in the Meteorological Department of Malaysia, Alui Bahari, said raindrops have increased as the weather forecast predicted heavy downpour throughout next week, but the hot and dry weather is still ongoing due to change of flow from the hurricane winds.

“Hot weather is recorded throughout August, while the weather forecast for September shows wet weather and also to mark the start of the monsoon season,” he said.

He also said, even though rain drops has increased, the cloud seeding work will still continue in order to help increase the percentage in water supply at the dams.

He added, the El-Nino phenomenon expected to hit Malaysia at the end of the year has shown signs that it is slowing down according to the latest data.

“The signs that shows El-Nino will hit Malaysia have gone down to only 50 percent as rain drops has increased and even if El-Nino hits, it will be weak,” he said.

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