If the UPSR questions could leak, how are we to build a nuclear plant?

SHAH ALAM, 23 Sept: The government should provide a guarantee in handling the incident where questions for the Primary School Achievement Test (UPSR) were leaked so that it will not happen again.

The DAP Secretary General, Lim Guan Eng, said that concerns over a string of ‘leakages’ that happened on public infrastructure in Malaysia has now spread to almost the entire country’s administrative system, and also the UPSR question papers.


Lim also questioned if the government still fails to address the leak of the UPSR papers, would there be a guarantee that the same thing will not happen if a nuclear power plant is built in this country.

“This is a disgrace and we need to reassess by being straightforward. The problem is the internal control system. All this while, no action has been taken when weaknesses occur,” he said in a statement.

Guan Eng, who is also the Member of Parliament for Bagan, also reminded that the Auditor-General’s Report every year exposed leakages, wastage and leaks that happen to the financial system and the country’s administration, however no drastic action has been taken.

“Let us look at LKAN, every time a report is made regardless of anything, from (wall) clocks to scanners which are priced from RM100, they are bought at a price of RM3,000.

“We (had) experienced a problem of leakage in the Parliament building where the cost (of repairs) had been millions of ringgit. Now we want to build a nuclear plant?” he asked.

Yesterday, the Deputy Education Minister II, P.Kamalanatan, said that the Ministry has confirmed the leak of the Primary School Achievement Test (UPSR) 2014 question papers for the Mathematics and Tamil Language subjects.

Whereas last week, the paper for the subjects of Science and English were also reported to have been leaked.

Following that, several police reports were lodged and 14 people were detained to help with the investigation.

The government also suspended the duties of the Board of Examinations Directr, Dr Na’imah Ishak, and the Deputy Director of Operations, Dr Wan Ilias Wan Salleh, until the investigation is completed.

The leaked question papers affected nearly 470,000 Standard Six students who would have to re-take the examination for the subjects of Science and English Language which has been scheduled to take place on September 30.


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