National Laureate: Umno is threatened, not Malays or Islam

SHAH ALAM, 25 Nov: Umno is the one that is actually threatened in Malaysia, not Malays and Islam, said National Laureate, Datuk A Samad Said.

A Samad Said questioned how Malays and Islam is threatened in Malaysia when all top positions in the country are occupied by Malays.


“Since the past until now, the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and also ministers in the state comprise of Malays,” said Samad.

He said this in front of over 200 attendees at the Mandarin Court Hotel during a forum entitles “Are Malays and Islam Threatened?”.

Samad said that since the independence of this country, Malays have dominated all top positions and are influential in determining the direction of Malaysia.

“Look at the police and the army; the majority are Malays, including all top positions. So, why are Malays and Islam threatened?”

“The question of Malays and Islam being threatened only comes up during the general election and the Umno general assembly,” said Samad taken from The Malaysian Insider.


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