Speaker’s right to defend ‘Christian’ inspired book


SHAH ALAM, MAY 18: The sentiment behind the Selangor State Assembly (DNS) Speaker, Hannah Yeoh’s book should not be politicised by a certain party.

Education, Human Capital Development, Science, Technology and Innovation Exco, Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad says Hannah has a right to defend her writing claimed to be ‘Christian’ as much as other leaders have the right to defend their own religions.

“There is someone who commented that I should not defend Yeoh. This individual said religion is a sensitive issue for Muslims.

“I replied that, Yeoh’s book recounts how Christianity inspired her as a politician.


“That is her right, as much as it is my right to tell how Islam inspired me in politics. That is not wrong in Islam,” he twittered.

He believes the writing does not contain any provoking sentiment which can divide the Muslim community in this country.

“The Muslims’ faith is not that weak,” said the Seri Setia Assemblyman.

Quoting MalaysiaKini’s report, Universiti Utara Malaysia’s (UUM) Lecturer, Dr Kamarul Zaman Yusuff described the book content written by Yeoh as persuading, influencing or instigating non-Christians to be inclined towards that religion.

Denying the allegation, Yeoh lodged a police report against Kamarul Zaman who accused her of wanting to rebuild Malaysia based on Christianity.

Yeoh said, statements have been distorted and his statements contain defamation elements against her and her party, DAP.

“The statements were malicious and clearly intended to spread hatred towards me, DAP leaders named in the statement and the party itself.

“The statements also pose high safety risk on me and DAP members,” she said.

She had written a biography entitled ‘Becoming Hannah’, which tells the public about her involvement in the country’s politics and her experience leading the DNS as the first woman and the youngest Speaker in the country.


Malaysia Should Build a Sports Institute of Higher Learning


SHAH ALAM, 8 Nov: The federal government should at least establish one institute of higher learning (IHL) dedicated to sports development in order to improve athlete’s’ level of professionalism in Malaysia.

The Exco in charge of Selangor Youth and Sports, Dr Ahmad Yunus Hairi, said that planned development of sports institutions will provide an opportunity for national athletes to continue their studies at the highest level, thus making sports as an important industry that will benefit the country.

He said that athletes can also improve their skills in events and games pursued more consistently with physical and scientific equipment through the establishment of the sports IHL.

“We will also be able to educate the public that sports is not just a side activity, but involves a good future career with a high level of certification,” he said when contacted by Selangor Kini today.

He was asked to comment on the motion presented by the Member of Parliament for Kota Bharu, Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan, who suggested in the House of Representatives yesterday for the federal government to establish a sports university college to produce athletes that are not only excellent, but are of high intellect.

Ahmad Yunus said that he also proposed for the Bukit Jalil area to be the location of the IHL development to reduce the cost of construction if the central government agrees.

“Perhaps the development of the first sports IHL in the country can be done in Selangor, as the focus state in the development of Malaysia. We also have the Shah Alam Stadium which is recognised as the best stadium in the country.

“Therefore, I hope that the central government will consider this proposal and make it happen, at least before year 2020,” he said.