Infrastructure Requirements of Religious Schools Will Be Evaluated Every Year

SHAH ALAM, 28 Nov: The needs of Religious Primary Schools (SAR) will be evaluated annually by the Education Division of the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) to ensure that the schools receive assistance according to its priority ranking.

Education Exco member, Dr Halimah Ali said that the policy practised every year will not only evaluate the schools’ infrastructure but it will also involve the need of educators for the schools.

She said this in reply to debate questions regarding the Budget Committee of the Selangor Islamic Affairs Department raised by Skinchan Assemblyman, Ng Suee Lim.

Suee Lim, in his question, raised the issue of the state of dilapidation of Sekolah Rendah Agama Parit 7, Skinchan which is facing infrastructure problems especially in student toilets.

“I agree that the school Skinchan mentioned is a priority because it concerns basic facilities,” said Dr Halimah again.

For this year, a total of RM8 million has been allocated by the Selangor Zakat Board for infrastructural development.

In addition, Dr Halimah also said that since 2008, Majlis Permuafakatan Institusi Pendidikan Selangor (MAPPIS) consisting of the Muslim population of Selangor was established to consider the long-term measures to raise the performance of religious schools in the state.

It is clear that religious primary schools are schools developed by the State including providing the building site while the people’s religious schools are fully funded by the people.

Up till now, Selangor has 23 religious primary schools, 11 religious integrated schools and more than 230 Kafa schools.

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