Izzah ‘punished’ without ‘trial’: Muslimat PAS

KUALA LUMPUR, NOV 7: Dewan Muslimat PAS is of the view that Lembah Pantai MP, Nurul Izzah Anwar has been ‘punished’ without being duly investigated.

Deputy Head of Muslimat, Dr. Mariah Mahmud said that after having been clarified by Izzah and a representative from PAS, Dr. Mujahid Yusuf Rawa who was also on a panel, she believed that Izzah’s statement had been manipulated during the forum ‘Islamic State-Which Version? Whose responsibility?’

‘There are many assumptions made by those who only want to prolong this issue even though they were not present during the forum. They based their assumptions purely on the report in Utusan Malaysia newspaper.’

She said that Nurul Izzah had already been punished before she was given an opportunity to explain herself as to what her statement sought to mean.

‘This is also a ludicrous allegation against a devout Moslem who observes her prayer, fasts, and covers her ‘aurat’ to encourage an act of apostasy.

‘This issue has been politicised and blown out of proportion. Izzah has never made such a statement to an effect that Malays are at liberty to profess a religion of their choice, nor would she support the act of apostasy itself’, she concluded.

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