More Tadika Rakyat, Proposed State Government

PETALING JAYA, NOV 10: The State Government has proposed to build three more Tadika Rakyats in Serendah, Kampar and Dengkil to facilitate children from low income families to receive preschool education.

The constructions of these kindergartens are the continuation of the two existing kindergartens in Taman Sentosa, Klang and Kampung Lindungan in Petaling Jaya.

Hence, Health, Plantation Workers, Poverty and Caring Government Exco, Dr. Xavier Jayakumar, welcomed parents who cannot afford preschool education to send their children to these kindergartens.

“This kindergarten is open to all races. Therefore, people in this area, do not miss the chance to register your children.”

“In addition to the low fees, children will also be exposed to early childhood education,” he added.

He said, pre-school education is the first step to prepare children before the commencement of
statutory education.

“Based on research, there are still 30 percent of children who are not enrolled in any preschool because they cannot afford the monthly fee.”

As a result, many children are left behind in terms of education like not knowing how to write, count or read.

This causes them to fall behind their peers when they eventually enter primary school and this causes serious problems in the long term.

“Lack of exposure to education in the early stages is among the factors that contribute to social problems,” he said during the Tadika Rakyat Kampung Lindungan launching ceremony here, early this morning.

The Tadika Rakyat at Kampung Lindungan is the second branch that has been built by the State Government along with the non-governmental organization (NGO), Child Information, Learning and Development Centre (Child).

The kindergarten is reserved for families earning below RM 1,500.

In addition to providing comfortable learning, students are only charged as low as RM 20 per month.

The kindergarten costing about RM 460,000 has been equipped with eight classes and is able to accommodate about 20 students per class.

The State Government has provided RM 50,000 for each of the kindergartens.

Also present was Local Government, Research and Development Exco, Ronnie Liu, Seri Setia assemblyman Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, Taman Medan assemblyman, Haniza Talha, Kelana Jaya MP, Gwo Burne Loh and Deputy Mayor of Petaling Jaya, Puasa Md Taib.

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