One Month Old Child amongst Those Going Through Khitān Rites in Sijangkang

KUALA LANGAT, 16 Nov: The Khitān ceremony of 21 children in Masjid Jamiul Ehsani at kampong Sijangkang here today will be carried out by the Sijangkang State Assemblyman, Dr Ahmad Yunus Hairi.

The ceremony is made more special with the inclusion of Muhammad Habibur Rahman Shaiful Amri, a one month-old baby.

The baby’s father, Shaiful Amri Mohamed Shapik, 36, said that it is common for him and his wife, Nornajibah Md Saufi, 36, to circumcise their child at an early age.

“In my family, all my sons have been circumcised from the age of one month to two months because my first son had bloody-urination problems,” the Takaful Malaysia Bhd deputy director said.

“Early circumcision was advised by the doctor. From then on, my wife and I continued this for our second and third sons because children at a younger age heal easily.”

“Early circumcision also makes it easier for us to teach our children cleanliness and how to practice cleansing rituals at the mosque.”

“I also recommend that other parents circumcise their children at an early age. In fact, it is a norm overseas, especially in Arab nations,” he said when approached by TV Selangor and expressed joy that his son was included in the ceremony.

Zainal Ulum Ahmad Kasah, the mosque’s Nazir said that the mass Khitān ceremony is part of the mosques tradition since 2008.

According to him, this time the ceremony was made grander with refreshments served and the children being showered by Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department which was invited by mosque officials.

“This time the celebration is better with (the participation of) 20 children and is unique when it involves the youngest participant who is one month-old.”

“Besides being circumcised by Dr Ahmad Yunus himself, the celebration this time was also different when a feast was held and next week there will also be a thanksgiving ceremony when all the children heal,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dr Ahmad Yunus explained the circumcision process using the Smart Clamp method which reduces the bleeding and infection risks compared to conventional circumcision methods.

“This is one of the programs that will be carried out in alternately with other mosques in the Sijangkang DUN for children during the school break which also includes the Asnaf group.”

“This time, I will conduct the circumcision myself with assistance from two helpers,” he said.

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