RM1.5 Million Spent on Women’s Health Scheme

SHAH ALAM, 24 Nov: To date, the Selangor State Government has spent a total of RM1.5 million for the benefit of 17,582 women in Selangor to enjoy Women’s Health programmes.

According to the Women’s Affairs Exco, Dr Rodziah Ismail,since this programme began in 2010, women have begun to realise that they should take this opportunity to check their health.

“The amount of participation is very encouraging because I think women now are more articulate about their need for health care, not only for themselves but also for the family.”

“From the total, 115 of them are suspected to have cancer,” said Rodziah in answer to questions from Hulu Klang Assemblyman, Shaari Sungib.

She added that the State Government has allocated RM5.2 million for the success of women’s health programmes which is an allocation of RM1 million per year.

“I hope that the YBs in this hall would publicise this programme so that the people on the outside, women in particular, could benefit,” she added.

The Batu Tiga Assemblywoman also explained that the health programme has not been terminated as claimed by certain quarters, instead it is going through an evaluation process to be improved upon.

“It’s not that it is terminated. But, we have to allow space for the State Government to review and improve existing programmes.”

“In fact, we will also be providing other health schemes such as reflexology massage and women’s stress control awareness programmes,” she said, adding that the new tender is now open for a session of new programmes which will be begin in the near future.

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