Selangor Willing to Help Recipients of AES Summons

SHAH ALAM, 14 Nov: The Selangor State Government is willing to help road users who have been given summons by the Automated Enforcement System (AES) which have been placed around Selangor.

However, the reciepients of the summons have to first refer to the legislative counters which will be opened at the PAS Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur.

The statement was made by the Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim when asked by journalists regarding the State Government’s actions to help AES summon reciepients.

“Should the people need help, the State Government is willing to assist however this must be done in accordance to legal procedures,” he said.

Selangor has decided to postpone the AES implementation because they are not certain that it will lower accident rates.

On the contrary, the State Government is of the opinion that the Federal Government is installing AES to benefit the company that received the contract to install the system.

Prior to this, Pokok Sena MP, Datuk Mahfuz Omar had said that the Department of Law and Human Rights (JUHAM) as well as PAS Youth have set up free legal aid for anyone who have gotten summons from the AES camera.

Abdul Khalid has also previously said that the two AES cameras installed in Puchong and Kajang are illegal because they did not get approval from the Local Authorities (PBT).

According to him, the concession companies for the AES project would reap tremendous profit, approximately 17 percent per annum, from the total collected from summons.

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