State Government Forms Slope Observation Committee

SHAH ALAM, 23 Nov: The State Government has set up a group of slope inspectors to examine and assess the slopes of a few areas that need to be repaired to avoid landslides.

This was stated by the Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim during the debate session to answer concerns raised by Hulu Klang Assemblyman, Shaari Shungib.

According to Abdul Khalid, the State Government will be responsible for repairing each problematic slope on state-owned land and the same should be done for the private sector should anything happen in their territory.

“For the slopes, I have set up a group that would evaluate the slopes and report. Should the land be government-owned, improvements will be made by the government.”

“If it is on private land, we will ask them to make improvements. Should the private (owners) fail to do so, the government will do it (repair) and we will ask the private parties to pay (for repairs), “he said.

Previously, Shaari had suggested that some slopes, particularly in the Hulu Klang constituency and the surrounding areas be monitored or gazetted as unsafe to prevent any sort of development.

Abdul Khalid firmly added that the State cannot give the excuse that it lacks funding for the slopes maintenance because it is the state’s responsibility.

In addition, the State Government has also set up a new body to be responsible for monitoring and managing government land.

He added that a list of all the land maintained will be recorded.

“Our policy is that if it was not for long-term residence, we will sell the land at the current price to ensure that there is not unfair selection for them.”

“The money will be used for the welfare of the people,” he said.

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