AMK Criticises Penang BN Racist Politics

SHAH ALAM, 9 Dec: The Penang Keadilan Youth Brigide (AMKPP) condemned the Penang BN Chairman, Teng Chang Yeow on his actions concerning his racist statement that questioned the increase in allocations for Islamic Affairs of the state by the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) Government.

Deputy Chief, Dr Afif Bahardin in a media statement described the statement by Teng as being merely to gain political support and thus, highlighting ‘Islamophobia’ among MCA party members.

According to him, the statement was not only irresponsible but it also illustrates Teng’s superficiality as a leader.

“AMKPP criticises Teng’s attitude of trying to cause unease among non-Muslims with the seditious statement. In fact, since the administration of Pakatan Rakyat, the fate of the people of Penang, regardless of race and religion, has continiously been given proper representation by the State Government.

“The increase in the Islamic affairs budget demonstrates the economic governance of the state under Pakatan Rakyat has been better by recording a surplus. So with this surplus, more funds can be channeled to educational programmes and to form the identity of the people to create a civil society in Penang.

“This fact proves the previous State Government, led by BN was a weak administrator and had failed to govern the economy well,” he said.

Afif also claimed that Teng’s latest statement clearly shows the real attitude of BN and MCA leaders who are not only racist but anti-Islamic.

He said firmly that the AMKPP believes that the people of Penang are far more discerning and will not be affected by BN and their components racist politics.

“Every Umno wing should not be afraid to reprimand their own component because this issue does not just involve Malays and Islam but it involved the welfare of the people of Penang as a whole.

“The attitude of Umno being silent till today when faced by their component party, MCA, proves that Umno is no longer able to represent the interests of the Muslim Malay community.

“AMKPP believed that the people of Penang will continue to provide a greater mandate for Pakatan Rakyat to administer this state and to form the next Federal Government at Putrajaya in the upcoming 13th General Elections,” he added.

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