MBPJ Establishes Lake Cleanliness Committee


PETALING JAYA, December 21: The Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) recently established a committee to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of lakes around its area.

The Lake Treatment System Subcommittee will be developing strategies to reduce odours and problems of murky waters that are tainting the beauty of lake parks in that city.

MBPJ Department of Health and Environment Director General, Dr Chitra Devi said that the council has agreed to conduct a pilot project by using the ‘ultrasonic algae control system’ at Tasik Aman in Section 22/44.

“It will be endeavoured by a company that has agreed to fully finance the lake water treatment project for a trial period of three months.

“This treatment method is used to combat the serious problem of algae growth in this lake,” said Dr Chitra during a joint visit between MBPJ and the Taman Aman Section 22/44 MBPJ Council Member.

She said that this project began in mid-August and is still going on till now.

MBPJ found that odours and algae growth have reduced after using this system.

“The council hopes that all parties play a role together in preserving the cleanliness of the lake by not channelling pollutants into public drains which flows directly into the lake.

“The spirit of loving these lakes should be within every resident as it is an invaluable asset for the country and it belongs to all,” she said.


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