MPK Introduces Coupon Parking System

SHAH ALAM, 7 Dec: The public can now obtain parking coupons at the Klang Municipal Council (MPK) Headquarters and branches as well as agents appointed in accordance with the the MPK initiative that has introduced a Coupon Parking System in December.

Acting President of the MPK, Ehsan Mukri said that monthly passes that have been purchased by the public that ends on the 30th of November can stop by at the Jalan Tengku Kelana Parking Office to procure an extension for an additional month.

He said MPK is the first Local Authority (PBT) in Selangor to run the system and it will be well received by the locals.

For coupons, MPK has set the rate of RM 0.50 per hour for each coupon while the price of a book will be charged at RM 2.50 for five sheets.

“While for daily coupons, one coupon will be worth RM 4.50 for nine hours and a book will cost RM 22.50 (five pieces) and for monthly passes, the price has been set at RM 80.00 a month,” he said at the launch of the Coupon Parking Sales, here.

He added that MPK will implement similar control times as before, which is from Monday to Friday starting at 8am till 5pm and the public is asked to purchase coupons at the designated locations.

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