Selangor Provides Marriage Incentives Next Year

SHAH ALAM, 16 Dec: The State Government will be providing marriage incentives to the young adults of Selangor who will be getting married next year.

The youths of Selangor who have met the conditions set, which is expected to be announced soon, will receive a contribution of RM 200 from the State Government.

In addition, those involved in this marriage incentive programme will also potentially be offered housing programmes that the State Government has undertaken.

The announcement was made today by Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim at the launch of the Selangor State Youth Wedding According to Malay Customs Ceremony which was held at the main stage of the 2012 Selangor Agro Fest at the Shah Alam Stadium.

“We could not start the incentives (programme) this time because it is using provisions from the recent 2013 Budget. That is why we will start it from January 1, 2013.

“Also during the programme, the State Government will finance the concept of partnership,” said Abdul Khalid.

This programme was organised by the Malay Customs, Youth and Sports Exco celebrated 61 marriage couples from all over Selangor by holding their ceremony based on the Selangor Malay customs theme.

The cost for clothing and ceremony for each couple was paid fully by the State Government.

Meanwhile, Abdul Khalid’s announcement received positive feedback from a number of newlyweds who were met by TV Selangor.

“Tan Sri Abdul Khalid’s announcement just now really touched us and we are proud that this programme will be able to reduce the cost of marriage because marriage expenses are so high and this way, it could lessen our burden.

“I, as a citizen of Selangor, wish to thank the State Government for contributions and appreciation in holding this ceremony,” said Hazimi Burhanuddin and his partner Ilyna Mohd Ghazali from Klang.

Abdul Kahar Ahmad Marwai and Siti Sara Azrie from Kampung Delik Klang were of the opinion that the ceremony should be continued to encourage the people to practise simplicity in holding marriage ceremonies

“It helps to lessen financial burdens and if the bride’s side or groom’s side does not want to hold a ‘kenduri’ (feast) after this, it’s alright because it’s done already, what’s important is the marriage contract (Akad Nikah),” said Abdul Kahar.

Silat and Kompang performances as well as egg flowers (bunga telur) were among the traditional Malay wedding customs that were highlighted.

Couples were also dressed in traditional clothing of the people of Selangor which is the Selangor ‘Sikap’ clothing worn by the groom and the ankle-length ‘Kebaya’ worn by the bride.

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