Action Taken Against 40 Reflexology Centres In Klang


KLANG, 8 Jan: A total of 40 premises around Klang that have violated billboard regulations have been penalised by the Klang Municipal Council (MPK) throughout 2012.

The premises involved were imposed a compound as well as having the billboards brought down immediately when the notice issued by MPK were ignored.

MPK Licencing Department Director, Azhar Samsudin said that the action was taken under the 2007 MPK Bye-Laws as the owner of the reflexology centre failed to meet the terms set.

He said that the main purpose of close monitoring and action practised by the MPK enforcement is to ensure that owners of premises follow the regulations set to curb social issues among residents in the vicinity.

“We have received grumbles as well as complaints from the public saying that the reflexology centre’s advertisement is inappropriate and that it is too big, also that it clearly violates the approved ad size specifications,” he said.


In the meantime, four of such premises have been taken action against by taking down the advert and issuing compounds in an operation recently conducted by the MPK enforcers in the Pandamaran area in Klang.

It was the first time that action was taken for all the premises since they were opened after several warning notices were given a number of times but was still ignored.

Azhar said that starting 2013, monitoring operations and warning actions will be carried out more frequently to curb such things from further happening.

“We ask the cooperation form all premises owners to follow the regulations set and we also ask the public to help MPK so that it can be controlled,” he added.


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