Extraordinary Response From the People, Artists Excited


SHAH ALAM, 1 Jan: The string of artists that attended the 2013 Threshold Celebrations at Dataran Kemerdekaan, Shah Alam yesterday, were excited by the rousing response which was given by the people of Selangor.

Not only were they excited but a majority of them were nervous to be in the middle of the sea of more than 140,000 people who came together to enliven the celebration.

In fact they also praised the organisation of the programme which was scholastic in nature in the effort to enhance the development of human capital.


The ‘Jom Santai bersama GeMS, Generasi Idaman Selangor’ (Selangor Ideal Generation) Programme was held to celebrate the approach of the new year with a religious theme and a relaxed nature.

Actor Kamal Adli said that he has long wanted to attend such a programme, even more so to be given the opportunity to be interviewed by a popular Ustaz, Ustaz Azhar Idrus.

Former Asian bodybuilding champion, Datuk Malek Noor said that the response given by the people of the state was indeed extraordinary.


“Alhamdulillah, the Selangor State Government successfully gathered a sea of people to a religious programme such as this. This is what is really called Islam,” he said.

National football player, Wan Zack Haikal Wan Noor said that the attendance of visitors to the celebration was so many that he started to feel awkward to be on stage.

“I felt awkward, nervous too because when playing on the field, I do not see these many people,” he said.

“Rarely do we see any organisers that design such a programme, usually it is more towards entertainment and today we see many young people attending,” said the Takzirah Panel, Ustaz Norisham Daud, in the Maghrib prayers.


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