Najib Plays Politics By Visiting Gaza Even Without Recognising Hamas


SHAH ALAM, 24 JAN: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s sincerity in visiting Gaza yesterday is being questioned because previously, the Malaysian Government took a stance in not giving recognition to the Hamas party as a party that was elected by the people of Gaza.

This altogether demonstrates the inconsistency of BN foreign policies as well as giving no respect to the principle of democratic rights, freedom and justice for people of the restive country.

Instead, according to Balik Pulau Member of Parliament Yusmadi Yusoff, foreign policies shown by Pakatan Rakyat (PR) is more consistent, has democracy as its core and raises important agendas such as freedom and human rights.

“The BN government would rather stoop down to the interests of superpowers such as the United States of America, without looking at the real issue,” he said to TV Selangor.

Yusmadi also urged for the government to exemplify Turkey in being outspoken on the international stage.

“The foreign policy on this issue is not something to be proud of,” said Yusmadi.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in his statement also criticised Najib’s visit to Gaza, which according to him, is only to degrade the legitimate Palestinian rule and cause disunity and does not benefit Palestine.

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