Police Urged To Arrest Culprits Of The Sekinchan Tourism Billboard Sabotage


SEKINCHAN, 20 FEB: The police have been urged to carry out immediate investigations and to to arrest the culprits behind the sabotage of the billboards promoting tourism in Sekinchan.

Sekinchan Assemblyman, Ng Suee Lim said that previously, there were demonstrations allegedly masterminded by the Sungai Besar Umno, threatening to paint the existing billboards that display pictures of Suee Lim.

“I regret with the way politics is played by those who are playing the racist sentiment (card).

“Seeing that my intentions were sincere in promoting products from Mentarang which are being sold around Sekinchan,” said Suee Lim in a press conference held here.


Suee Lim explained that the sabotage of the billboards is inappropriate because the billboards are intended to actively promote Sekinchan as an attraction to tourists locally and from abroad.

“My campaign is to promote Mentarang to road users here so that they know the existence of its marine products and indirectly increase the incomes of traders as well as to reap more profit,” he said.

Suee Lim added that three police reports have been made regarding the sabotage which requires the police to take immediate action.

“We are waiting (to see) what action will be taken by the police,” said Suee Lim.

Rojikin Sarbini, the Kampung Parit 7 Baroh Chief added that only the Council can carry out duties if there is an offence in putting up the billboards.


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