Charles: Umno-BN Allegedly Registered Citizens Overseas As Voters


KLANG, 29 Mar: Umno-BN is allegedly involved in registering Malaysians overseas as voters to ensure that the party remains in power as the country’s government.

Following the situation, Klang Member of Parliament, Charles Santiago questioned the credibility of the Election Commission (EC) as an independent body when he exposed the case of residents in Klang living overseas in countries such as the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia, whose names were registered without their knowledge.

What’s more shocking is how the information on a citizen is obtained and can be registered as a voter without permission.

“The EC, as a body handling the elections should be fair in conducting internal investigations regarding this issue and to make a police report against parties involved.

“What’s more surprising is that it involves Umno-BN, because the information received for the registration on Dinesh s/o Siva Kumar, 32, was made by the Assistant Registrar of Umno, Hishamuddin Kassim. How could this have happened? Who signed the registration form?

“It also implicates links to the Immigration Department, the EC and Umno-BN in this conspiracy,” he said at a press conference today.


Dinesh’s father, K Siva Kumar, 64, explained that he was shocked to find that his son was registered as a voter to vote in the elections in this country.

He said that his son has been working as an engineer and has settled in the United Kingdom for more than 10 years, and that he had never registered as a voter or delegated someone for that purpose.

“I made a police report on 31 January but what is disappointing is that the EC did not cooperate on this matter.

“Through e-mail, the EC only states that my son’s registration was done on 7 March 2012 by Hishamuddin, who was then terminated on 27 April 2012 on some registry errors committed.

“The EC is seen as protecting Hishamuddin and Umno-BN when they did not answer several of my emails sent on 18, 19, 21 and 26 March,” he said on the complaint made to the Selangor EC.


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