Selangor Government Help Residents of Kampung Buloh Telor Overcome Riverbank Collapse


KUALA KUBU BAHRU, 7 Nov: The residents of Kampung Buloh Telor can now heave a sigh of relief as the riverbank collapse, destroying the only road linking the Orang Asli village, will be fully repaired soon.

Reparation work will involve the construction of a retaining wall at the bank and resurfacing of the damaged roads will be done with provisions channelled through the State Government.


The Assemblywoman for Kuala Kubu Bahru, Lee Kee Heong, said that the first stage of the construction of the retaining wall in the village of about 150 people from 37 Orang Asli families has already been completed.

“Although this is the responsibility of the Federal Government under the Department of Orang Asli Affairs Development (JHEOA), I ask the State Government to provide allocations to facilitate the residents of the village from entering and exiting.

“There are two parts of the river bank that needs to be repaired, where one has already been completed and for the other, I need to ask for new provisions from the State Economic Planning Unit (UPEN).


“This is because when UPEN officers previously visited, some of the collapse was covered by trees and bushes, causing this part to not be seen at the time,” she said when visiting the construction site of the retaining wall and road at Kampung Buloh Telor.

Kee Heong added that the first stage of the construction reached a cost of RM19,000, while the cost of the second part and road reparation is still under UPEN’s evaluation.

Meanwhile, the Tok Batin (village chief) of Kampung Buloh Telor, Harun Adam, said that the riverbank collapse started in March dues to heavy rains.

“Since then, the road has been damaged and has become narrow because of the riverbank collapse. But with the help of the State Government, I hope that this problem can be completely resolved thus facilitating residents of the village.

“Thanks to YB Kee Heong and the State Government for this assistance which will make it easier for villagers to go about their daily business,” said Harun.


House of MIC Chief’s Widow Burned, Receives Support from Melawati CSC


SHAH ALAM, 30 Oct: Despite her late husband being known for serving MIC when he was alive, the suffering due to a fire at the house occupied by Devi a/p Raman, 66, three months ago was ignored by the party representing the Indian community.

However, Devi was fortunate when the Coordinator of the Melawati constituency Community Service Centre (CSC), S.Manikavasagam, together with the Api-Api Parish Headman, Husain Idris, came forward to offer help to the single mother.

Manikavasagam said, among the assistance provided includes a cash contribution of RM500 presented by the Kuala Selangor District and Land Office, as well as building materials such as wood and Nypa leafs from the Melawati CSC.

“The late S.Anandan, the former Kampung Telok Piah MIC Branch Chief, used to serve in the MIC and was previously given a medal of honour by Tan Sri V.Manickavasagam for his services.

“However now, when his wife encounters difficulties and her house was damaged by fire, not on of the MIC leaders came to visit or help out. Where is the slogan ‘MIC Cares’,” Manikavasagam said to TVSelangor.

Manikavasagam said, as a result of the fire which brought an estimated loss of about RM75,000, Devi also lost her source of income from a small food business she ran out of her house.

Devi, who will be celebrating Deepavali soon, has also been included in the ‘Jom Shopping’ (Let’s Go Shopping) programme in conjunction with the Deepavali celebration which is being held at the Giant hypermarket in Pasir Penampang today.

“All the assistance rendered is actually not enough, but at least it is able to ease the suffering and burden shouldered by Devi,” added Manikavasagam.

Selangor and Penang PR Governments Step Forward to Strengthen Democracy


Youth Solidarity Malaysia (SAMM) congratulated the Selangor and Penang PR Governments for moving another step to strengthen democracy in their administration radar.

On 18 September, the Penang Pakatan Rakyat Government, through the State Government Exco meeting, approved in principle the provisions for Assemblymen from the Opposition in Penang (read: Barisan Nasional) and the subsequent approval from the Exco Meeting will be tabled in the Penang State Budget 2014.

Meanwhile, on 10 October, the Selangor PR Government announced special allowances and privileges for the Selangor State Legislative Assembly Opposition Leader.

For Samm, this are valiant efforts in strengthening and educating the meaning of true democracy in Malaysia, in fact, understanding in the long history of oppression in translating the BN-style democracy system, actions such as this is hard to be accepted by various quarters in PR itself.

But if we are talking about a mature democracy, this is the best time to show that PR is different from the oppression politics of BN. We see all this while how PR representatives, especially Parliamentarians, are denied the right to serve the people without even a single cent of allocation being channelled through PR representatives who were voted by the people.

Now, it is a tremendous blow for BN Assemblymen in Penang. Do they want to receive provisions given to them despite Do they want to receive their allocation to them despite their opposition?

If they accept it, then they acknowledge the practice of the BN Government in other states and even the Federal level BN government as wrong to not channel allocations through representatives of the people who were elected by the people. But if they reject it, they will continue to be remembered for their narrow partisan politics and they can no longer complain in front of their voters that they do not have allocations.

Through the Penang State Government, PR proved that political clash is a different matter, but in matters of democratic state governance, the people’s choice should be respected and Penang PR has acknowledged that.

The Office of the Leader of the Opposition in the House (be it the House of Representatives or the state legislative assembly) is very important. But since the independence of Malaysia, it has not been honoured like other countries of mature democracy acknowledge the post.

The Selangor PR Government made a tremendous stride when they allocated RM8,260 per month with plenty other privileges to the Opposition Leader in the State Legislative Assembly.

With this, this position which is upheld through the democratic pr In this position he also transported through the democratic process of the people’s voice can be used to jointly develop the state. Opposition leaders can have complete office efficiency with enough research officers and Opposition leaders can have a complete office efficiency with enough research officer and able to debate and make constructive criticism to state that ultimately benefit the people.

The question now is would the Opposition Leader from BN in Selangor receive the allowances and privileges or will he reject with narrow political party thinking.

If he accepts it, he would admit the wrong practice of the Central and State Governments under BN in denying the role of Opposition Leaders elected by the people.

This is how the politics of the nation should be practiced with policy competition and competition in improvements which will ultimately strengthen democracy and benefit the people.

SAMM has greats hopes to see the Prime Minister, who is also the Finance Minister, to make the word ‘transformation’ as his daily chant when tabling the Budget 2014 this Friday which can truly welcome the moves taken by the Penang and Selangor PR Governments.

This move is also positive and everyone should move to strengthen democracy by acknowledging the role of PR members of parliament by taking into account the channeling of provisions through those elected by the people and uphold the role of the Malaysian Parliament by acknowledging privileges for Malaysian Opposition Leaders.

Without that, the ‘transformation’ chant will continue being a rhetoric laughed by those from the country and abroad.

Badrul Hisham Shaharin
Youth Solidarity Malaysia

Budget 2014: National Deficit Expected to Increase by One Percent


SHAH ALAM, 23 Oct: The Budget 2014 is expected to reach RM270 billion, involving an increase of nine percent compared to RM260 billion for the Budget 2013.

The increase is expected to cause the national fiscal deficit to increase by about 0.5 percent to one percent.

Terengganu PKR Chairman, Azan Ismail said the budget which will be tabled by the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak on 25 October will record a deficit for the 16th time in a row.

“This year, the amount if RM260 billion, but it may increase by about RM10 billion for 2014. This increase would cause the national deficit to increase by about one percent or at least 0.5 percent,” he said when contacted yesterday.

Azan said the approach used by Najib, who is also the Finance Minister, proves that the Barisan Nasional (BN) Government has failed in controlling spending by being responsible and prudent.

“For Pakatan Rakyat (PR), we will not guarantee a balanced budget, but we will try to present a budget where the deficit is not too high.

“If the increase in expenditure is RM10 billion to RM15 billion, we too have to increase to curb a higher increase in deficit,” he said.

Opposition Leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, presented the Alternative Budget summary which amounts to RM262 billion, compared to an estimated revenue of RM228 billion, with the deficit of RM34 billion, on 21 October.

Among the contributing factor involved in the reduction is that the emoluments that are reduced by 10 percent involves operating expenses that do not include emoluments and the effort is a part of the long-term measures to reduce the country’s debt of over RM500 billion.

Selangor Government Targets for 35,000 RMM in Five Years


SHAH ALAM, 22 Oct: The Selangor Government is targeting for 35,000 affordable housing units (RMM) in the next five years.

The Executive Councillor in charge of Housing, Building Management and Urban Settlement, Iskandar Abdul Samad, said that the government will increase the number of affordable homes through the Housing & Development Board (HDB) or but existing affordable homes and place it under the HDB.

Through the Harakah Daily portal, he said the RM450 million allocation is aimed to involve the construction of 5,000 to 7,000 affordable housing units over the next five years.

“From the total projects of private and subsidiary companies of the state government, we target for 35,000 units of affordable homes to be built in Selangor in the stipulated period.

“We will not sell all the units because a part of it will be rented out to those who cannot afford to buy a house,” he said.

Iskandar said the State Government is focusing on private companies by placing requirements to build affordable housing in the first term of the Pakatan Rakyat administration.

“The housing problem is not just in terms of house prices, but the low income of the people. So to accommodate the number of people who cannot afford to buy a home, we will create homes to be rented to them, such as council homes,” he said.

Residents of PJS 9 Confused with the Change in Postcode


SUBANG JAYA, 18 Oct: The residents of Petaling Jaya Selatan (PJS) 9 are confused with the change in postcode by Pos Malaysia for Subang Jaya and Petaling Jaya.

Based on the notice issued by Pos Malaysia earlier this month, the new postcode for Subang Jaya, which also involved PJS 9 and PJS 11, is 47500.

The change is due to the Election constituency division which set for PJS 7, PJS 9 and PJS 11, which is located in Bandar Sunway, to be placed under the Subang Jaya State Legislative Assembly (DUN) and the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ).


Meanwhile, the Desa Mentari area involving PJS 8 and PJS 10, is placed under the Seri Setia DUN and the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ).

The Deputy Chairman of the PJS 9 Rukun Tetangga (Neighbourhood Watch), Mohamad Noor said that he is confused by the change in the postcode as his identity card still uses the 46150 postcode, and states that it is in the area of Subang Jaya, while the same postcode printed on his driving licence but is registered as being in Petaling Jaya.


“The new changes to the 47500 Subang Jaya postcode will burden residents, especially in matters involving correspondence address,” he said in a press conference here at the PJS 9/14 field today.


The Chairman of the PJS 9 Rukun Tetangga, Goh Hai Thun said that his identity card and driving licence still uses the 46150 postcode which is registered as being in Petaling and can be contacted for correspondence.

“As a committee member for the residents, we would like to know the main reason for this postcode change which occurred without informing the residents. We live in PJS, which means Petaling Jaya Selatan and if we are to be put under Subang Jaya, it should be changed to SS.


Meanwhile, the Subang Jaya Assemblywoman, Hannah Yeoh, who was also present at the press conference, said that the latest announcement confused residents, especially when involving important documents because several agencies should be notified regarding the change in postcode.

“We have a sophisticated MyKad system and residents do not have to go to the National Registration Department (JPN) to change their postcode. Instead, JPN should automatically inform about the change.

“Pos Malaysia should inform the residents of this change, however, until now, we do not know whether they are changing it or not, including informing important agencies such as Bank Negara and the Land Office to change the postcode in their systems,” she said.

219 Residents of Kampung Sri Indah Receive Land Grants


SUNGAI BULUH, 12 Oct: The 20-year wait for 219 families from Kampung Sri Indah, Paya Jaras, to own the land grants for their residential land ended today when all of them received their respective land grants.

A recipient, Goh See Hai, 52, said that he had to wait so long despite submitting all the relevant documents to the previous Umno-BN Government, in fact the attitude of the previous government caused the issue of the land title to be delayed for years.

“I have lived in this village for over 20 years. All efforts made to obtain this grant, despite the previous government promising to settle it, was finally settled by the Pakatan Rakyat Government,” he said.


Yap Kwai Loon, 52, was happy that this issue has been finally resolved after waiting over 23 years.

“Previously, MCA representatives promised to settle it. I have been waiting too long and now, finally, I have received the title to my land thanks to the Assemblyman and the State Government which has helped a lot,” said Yap cheerfully.

Both of them were met during a ceremony to hand over the grant approvals presented by the Executive Councillor in charge of Investment, Industry, New Village Development and Whitening of Illegal Factories, Ean Yong Hian Wah here at the JKKK Hall in Kampung Sri Indah A, Paya Jaras today.

Also present was the Assemblyman of Paya Jaras, Mohd Khairuddin Othman and the Member of Parliament for Subang, R.Sivarasa.

Meanwhile, Mohd Khairuddin when interviewed said that five more villages under the Paya Jaras constituency are still waiting for their land titles and hopes that the issue will be resolved in the next three years.

“Firstly, I want to thank the Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, who vigorously accelerated all matters regarding the land title.

“For the Paya Jaras constituency, there are 15 villages and five more villages are still waiting, and I hope that the State Government will help in all dealings so that all of them will receive their respective titles,” he said.

All residents will receive the grant to their land after settling the premium amount of RM1,000 as required by the State Government.

No “First Come, First Serve” Sales for Bukit Botak Housing Units


SHAH ALAM, 12 Oct: Single-storey detached houses in Bukit Botak, Selayang, will not be sold directly to those who were present at the sales event which was held today at Bukit Botak.

The Public Relations Manager of the Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS), Ishak Hashim in a notice, informed that the Selangor State Government has ordered for the “first come, first serve” sales to be cancelled immediately.

Instead, PKNS has been instructed to use the Special Selection Committee, comprising of the Selangor Housing and Property Board (LPHS) and PKNS, in collaboration with the Gombak District Land Office.

This committee will shortlist the applicants and make a sales offer to applicants qualified through an interview process and specific selection criteria.

“The State Government has issued a directive where PKNS, as the developer, has been asked to obtain applicants information first,” according to the notice.

In addition, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) will be a witness while the Assemblyman’s office will act as the observer,” he added.

In relation to hat, those who were present at the sales event today has been asked to fill out an application form and return it to PKNS to be processed according to the prescribed procedure.

Water Supply Disruption at Peak 208 Resolved


MONDAY, 7 Oct: Residents at Peak 208, Taman Kajang Utama, are now able to breathe a sigh of relief because the water supply disruptions at their homes did not go on for too long.

Assemblyman for Kajang, Lee Chin Cheh said, the disruption which affected nearly 800 residents was because of maintenance work under their treatment plan at the Sungai Semenyih Water Treatment Plant.


Last Wednesday, water disruptions were resolved and residents enjoyed water supply as usual.

“Three weeks ago, Konsortium ABASS Sdn Bhd (ABBAS) stopped operations at one of the retention ponds to allow for maintenance for the water treatment plan to be implemented,” he said when contacted by TVSelangor.

Chin added, a week after the operation was carried out, higher grounds, especially the Taman Kajang Utama residential area, was affected.

“I extended this matter to Syabas and they informed that the plant was under the supervision of ABASS. However, Syabas will monitor the water levels of the plant. If it is detrimental, they will send a letter to ABBAS to stop the maintenance work.

For the record, areas around Semenyih, Kajang and Bangi, receive water supply from the Sungai Semenyih Water Treatment Plant which is managed by Konsortium ABASS Sdn Bhd (ABASS).

The plant, with a capacity design of 545 million litres per day (MLD) has been operating above it design capacity (overload) by producing 683 MLD and production cannot be increased further.

Water disruptions often occur due to the water recovery process which takes a long time because the production capacity of the water treatment plant is at its maximum level.

90 Residents of Paya Jaras to Receive Land Grants


SUNGAI BULOH, 21 Sept: A total of 90 residents of Kampung Matang Jaya, Paya Jaras, were excited because their decades of waiting to own land grants will be fulfilled by the State Government.


Resident, Manimegalaen, 35, said that he was deeply touched that the land that he has been occupying for over 20 years will be his.

“Finally, my dream of owning the grant of my own land after completing all matters this morning. Frankly, I feel very, very happy because I have been waiting a long time to own it,” he said.


For Rajasami, 67, he said that the State Government’s efforts to give the right of possession to the residents must be commended because it proves the caring administration of Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

“I would like to especially thank the State Government and Tan Sri (Abdul Khalid) for proving the the State Government under his leadership always prioritises the people’s wants which were ignored by the previous government” he said.

Manimegalaen and Rajasami were met when settling the land ownership grant procedure which was done by the Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS) with the law firm involved at the Kampung Matang Pagar Public Hall near here today.


Meanwhile, a resident, Ahmad Safie, 41, is of the opinion that the RM1,000 premium charged by the State Government does not burden the people who want to own their own land grants.

“Although the process is not yet finalised, I am willing to pay the RM1,000 because it is still affordable and I believe that other residents also agree with me,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Assistant Administrative Officer of PKNS, Ismarazi Ismail said that the acquisition of the land grants has to go through several levels before the residents can have the grants to their own land.


He said that PKNS has always helped to facilitate the process by acting as an intermediary between residents and law firms, as well as the Land Office.

“The main purpose of our program today is to help facilitate the process of the land title so that residents need not be troubled to go to the law firm and the land office because many residents do not know the method and processes,” he said.

In the meantime, Ismarazi said that all residents are expected to own the titles to their own land in a month after all transactions are settled by the Land Office.


CM: KUIS Aims to Achieve University Status in 2016


BANGI, SEPT 10: To continue efforts to strengthen knowledge, the Selangor International Islamic University College (KUIS) seeks to achieve full university status by the year 2016.

Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said that as a move to realise the plan, efforts to offer graduate and doctoral degrees are being pursued.

“This effort will begin with upgrading works and adding several new programmes at the undergraduate level in order to be competitive and keep pace with the changing times.

“In addition, diploma and degree students are also expected to make KUIS their preferred institution to further their studies in their masters degree as well as their doctorate in philosophy,” explained Abdul Khalid who is also the Chairman of KUIS.

Abdul Khalid said this at a press conference after the First Session of the 16th time of the KUIS Convocation Ceremony today.

KUIS which is wholly owned by MAIS was established in 1995. KUIS offers over twenty courses covering a variety of subjects such as Islamic studies, business studies, Islamic banking, language and communication, information technology, multimedia, nursing and education.

KUIS is now actively improving the quality of learning at the institution in line with the entry target of 6,000 students next year.

This year’s edition saw a total of 1,896 students from six faculties eligible to receive their respective Diplomas and Degrees which was presented by Abdul Khalid.

Also present at the convocation was the Exco in charge of Education, Dr Halimah Ali, the Reactor of KUIS, Assoc Prof Datuk Dr Abd Halim Tamuri, members of the Selangor Islamic Religious Council (MAIS) as well as parents and family members of the students graduating.

The convocation this time also awarded diplomas to 500 teachers of Al-Quran and Fardu Ain (KAFA) classes from around Selangor who were enrolled in the Teaching Diploma programme.

The Teaching Diploma for KAFA teachers is part of on-going efforts in promoting Islamic education for the children of Selangor.

Pakatan Rakyat Manifesto Implementation Dialogue – Selangor 2014 Budget – 13 September

suk 090913.indd

This live discussion between the people and leaders is to receive input directly from the taxpayers to implement the Pakatan Rakyat Manifesto which was presented in the 13th general Election (GE-13).

Feedback from this discussion will be taken up in the 2014 Selangor State Budget.

“The Selangor Government is confident and believes that public opinion is very important in ensuring that all policies and plans outlined in the manifesto reaches the target group,” stressed the Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

On September 9, the dialogue will be held simultaneously at the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) Tower Gallery in Pandan Indah, the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) Banquet Hall and the Kuala Selangor District Council (MDKS) Siantan Hall starting from 8pm.

On September 10, the dialogue will be held simultaneously at the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) Tower Lobby, the Sabak Bernam District COuncil (MDSB) Sri Bernam Hall and the Hulu Selangor District Council (MDHS) Dato’ Abdul Hamid Auditorium Hall in Batang Kali starting from 8pm.

On September 11, the dialogue will be held simultaneously at the Subang Jaya Municipal Coucil (MPSJ) Multipurpose Hall in Puchong Indah, and for the Kajang Municipal Council (MPKj), it will be held at the Sports Complex Hall in Section 15, Bandar Baru Bangi starting from 8pm.

For September 12, the dialogue will be held simultaneously at the Empress Hotel in Sepang bandar Baru for the Sepang Municipal Council (MPSp), for the Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) it will be held at the Bunga Tanjung Hall in Section 19, and at the Sri Jugra Hall in Banting for the Kuala Langat District Council (MDKL) starting from 8pm.

Whereas on September 13, the dialogue will be held at the Hamzah Hall for the Klang Municipal Council (MPK) starting from 8pm.