Lahad Datu Forum: PR Answers Who Is The Mastermind


SHAH ALAM, 28 Mar: Four former Top Officers of the Security Force will be giving a clear picture on the Lahad Datu incident carried out by Umno-BN to defame Pakatan Rakyat leaders.

This Sunday, at the Malawati Stadium, a forum entitled ‘Lahad Datu: The People Have The Right To Know’ will feature three former high ranking officer, Lt.Gen. (Rtd) Datuk Abd Ghafir Abd Hamid from the Malaysia Armed Forces, Brig. Gen. (Rtd) Datuk Abd Hadi Abd Khatab (RMAF), and First Admiral (Rtd) Imran Abd Hamid (RMN).

Apart from former military officers, another panel member is ACP (Rtd) Mohd Yousoff Babjee who served as the Chief of the Special Branch (SB) for the Sabah Royal Malaysian Police.

The ceremony began with prayers and the forum commenced promptly at 9pm.

According to Sungai Petani Member of Parliament, Datuk Johari Abdul in a press conference held at the Shah Alam MP Office this morning, he will be acting as a moderator for the forum.

“The panelists will also explain the impact of excessive involvement of politicians in the Lahad Datu issue in the forum.

“PR appreciates the sacrifices of the security forces who sacrificed their lives for the country, but the people should know the real issue,” said Johari.

Meanwhile, Shah Alam Member of Parliament, Khalid Samad at the same press conference said that before the forum begins, the event will start with the Maghrib prayers and the hajat prayers.

“Our devotion all this while has started to affect Umno-BN, that is why they are becoming increasingly pressured to a point they cannot come up with an appropriate date to dissolve Parliament,” said Khalid.

The forum which will be held at night can be followed live through TV Selangor at

Apart from TV Selangor, other media which will also be broadcasting live is Ehsan TV, Impian TV, Ubah TV, Radio Suara Rakyat RM and Radio Bangsar Utama.

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