LZS Laptop Contribution To Boost Enthusiasm


SHAH ALAM, 13 Mar: Before this, Hidayatul Nazarudin Husna, 22, was forced to share a computer with three other siblings to complete learning tasks.


But now, the student of Selangor University (Unisel) in the field of Business Management has gotten a ‘new light’ to boost his enthusiasm to be more excellent in his studies when he received a laptop from the Selangor Zakat Board (LZS).

“So when there was no computer previously, it was a little bit difficult for my studies, but after I have received this assistance, it will facilitate the tasks that will be given in future,” she said.


Hidayatul Husna who was orphaned when she lost her father seven years ago is among the excellent students in Unisel when she received a CGPA of 3.89 last semester.

She said this when she was met after the Laptop Assistance Presentation Ceremony by LZA which was presented by the Selangor Mufti, Datuk Setia Mohd Tamyes Abd Wahid at the Unisel Pro-Chancellor Hall here.


The enthusiasm was shared by Nurul Farhana Abdul Aziz, 23, who said that the assistance will be advantageous to her in facilitating her learning as she no longer has to borrow from her friends or go to an internet cafe.

“With this, it will be beneficial to me, previously I had to go to the library and cyber centres merely to complete an assignment,” she said.

Nurul who is studying for a Media Communications Degree and attained a CGPA of 3.74 is the eldest of three siblings from a struggling family as only her mother is shouldering the cost of her studies.

“This assistance is very helpful and LZS has helped me a lot in terms of pocket money and so on,” said Nurul.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Shahisam Mokhtar, 21, said that the computer will give him the motivation to be more excellent in his studies in future and it will be used as soon as possible.

“Alhamdulillah I am grateful for this gift and it will make it easier for me to complete assignments,” he said.

The students who were met were among the 200 recipients of the laptop contribution which cost RM2,000 each and was contributed by LZS where the total amount for the contribution was RM400,000.


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