Police Raids Suara Keadilan Just To Look For Reporter’s Notes


SHAH ALAM, 15 Mar: Six policemen today raided the office of Suara Keadilan (Voice of Justice) in Cheras with the pretext of obtaining the notes of a Keadilan Daily reporter.


They were a team of investigators from Johor Bahru related to the case of PKR Vice President, Tian Chua’s statement on the Lahad Datu controversy which was uploaded on the Keadilan Daily portal on 1 March.

Early in the raid, the police claimed to have a warrant to search and seize the computers involved but when asked, they failed to produce the warrant.

“Initially they said that they wanted to seize the computers, however when the lawyer stepped in to object to their actions, they said that they wanted to take the journalist’s notes instead.

“They can just come and get it, no need to search,” said Suara Keadilan Editor, Fazallah Pit when met by TV Selangor regarding the incident this morning.


She was also puzzled by the actions of this group of police because on her part, they had given cooperation on investigations carried out prior to this.

“I, along with the sub editors and reporters have given statements several times at the Petaling Jaya District Police Headquarters in relation to the investigation however, never have they asked for the reporter’s notes.

“The raid this morning was unexpected and caused an uncomfortable atmosphere,” she added.

The office staff then called Latheefa Koya who asked the police to deal with her.


The police then left without taking anything from the office about half an hour later but said that they will be waiting for reporter, Aisha Geoffrey, who was on leave today, to take her notes.

In relation to the request, Fazallah and Aisha was present with attorney, Eric Paulsen at the Pudu Police Station about 1pm today to submit the notes before leaving 15 minutes later.

Attorney Eric also requested for a copy of the search warrant but the police refused to do so.

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