UMCEDEL: Undecided Voters Believe Anwar Is More Qualified To Be PM Rather Than Najib


PETALING JAYA, 22 Mar: A study carried out by University of Malaya found that a majority of undecided voters believe that PKR De Facto Leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is better qualified to be Prime Minister after the 13th General Elections (GE-13).

The survey which was conducted from 26 December 2012 until 11 January 2013 found that 44 percent of respondents characterised as on the fence voters believe that Anwar is more qualified to be Prime Minister.

At the same time, only 31 percent of undecided voters at the University of Malaya Centre for Democracy and Elections (UMCEDEL), sees Najib as being more qualified.

About 41 percent of the respondents considered as centrist voters take Anwar to be more credible as a leader in the administration of a government.

At the same time, only 36 percent see Najib as being more credible.

For the same question, 45 percent did not agree that Najib is considered a more credible leader compares to Anwar, 11 percent.

The fence sitters category makes up of 21 percent of the 1,409 respondents polled in the survey and answered “not sure” to the question:

“Which party is expected to win at the national level in the GE-13 and capture Putrajaya.”

Meanwhile, 42 percent of those surveyed expects Umno-BN to win in the GE-13 compared to 37 percent for Pakatan Rakyat.

The profiles of the 21 percent of fence sitters are found to be Chinese voters with the highest percentage at 53 percent, Malays, 37 percent and Indians, 10 percent.

Those who possessed Degrees in their fields of study registered 49 percent from the same category, voters under the age of 30, 51 percent and first time voters, 48 percent.

The study which was presented by the UMCEDEL Director, Prof Dr Mohammad Redzuan Othman in the ‘Pre Election Forum: Who Will Win the GE-13’ at the Singgahsana Hotel last night.

Dr Mohammad Redzuan said that the support of the category can be considered important because they are the deciding voters that determine the victory of any party in the GE-13.

“Our study found that from the 1,409 respondents, that are still 21 percent of those uncertain that still can be snatched, it is a huge amount,” he said.

The same study also showed expectations that PR will continue to win at the national level has increased, while confidence in the victory of Umno-BN seems to have deteriorated.

In the period of 1016 September 2012, 44 percent of respondents expected Umno-BN to win, 30 percent PR and 26 percent unsure.

Meanwhile, a study from 31 March – 15 April 2012 showed that BN gained 49 percent, PR 21 percent and 30 percent of undecided voters.

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