Collecting One Kilometre of Signatures for ‘Reject’ Umno


KUALA LUMPUR, 4 Apr: The Reject Umno-BN Youth Coalition (Tolak) launched a signature collection campaign to change the country’s administration.


On a white cloth, Tolak targets one kilometre of signatures and this campaign will travel across the country.

The launch in front of Sogo shopping complex at 12 noon yesterday managed to attract the attention of the public to pen down their signatures.

Over 26 other NGOs together with Tolak, apart from key leaders of other NGOs such as Royalty, Felda and Lynas,

Tolak Chairman, Mohd Azan Safar stated that the announcement of the dissolution of Parliament by the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak marks the start of the election wave scourge.

“Tolak is ready to lead this wave throughout Malaysia so that Umno-BN will not be given mandate at the GE-13,” he said.


The seven demands Tolak is rejecting are:

1 – Umno-BN practices politics that is obscene, defamatory and thug-like to influence the people for their political survival

2 – Umno-BN adopts a culture of corruption and cronyism in the party and state administration.

3 – Umno-BN failed to manage the economy which in turn burdened the people with debt and a high cost of living.


4 – Umno-BN intervenes in Institutes of Higher Learning and restricts academic freedom of students and universities.

5 – Umno-BN cripples the nation’s democratic system and election running process.

6 – Umno-BN deprives the people of their rights and has acted in the interest of the Malay community and the election.

7 – Umno-BN failed to uplift the status of women and to fulfil the human rights of that group.

Last week, Tolak began its tour in the Klang Valley and ended in front of the Prime Minister’s residence in Putrajaya.

In that incident, five Tolak leaders were detained by the police which having their assembly.

The Prime Minster Today announced the dissolution of Parliament thus giving way for the 13th General Elections to be held.


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