Five Selangor BN Candidates Allegedly Receiver Education Certificate From “Degree Mill”


SHAH ALAM, 17 Apr: Today DAP brought forward the question of credibility and integrity of five Selangor BN candidates, including one Deputy Minister, who allegedly ‘bought’ their higher education qualifications.

DAP Election Strategy Chief, Dr. Ong Kian Ming said that the candidates were deemed by the Selangor BN Chief, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, as strong lineup.

But they actually received their certificates of education from institutions called “degree mills” for issuing fake degrees.

The candidates are; the incumbent Deputy Foreign Minister, A. Kohillan Pillay, Klang Parliament Coordinator, Teh Kim Pooh, Umno Division Chairman of the Religious Bureau, Ab Wahab Ibrahim and also MCA candidates; Ching Eu Boon and Lee Ban Seng.

“There is no provision under the law that requires every candidate to have a degree if they want to compete for public office.

“If these candidates, without guilt, cheat in regards to their certificate, it is possible that they might do the same in matter of public interest such as the management of funds,” stressed Kian Ming in a press statement.

In relation to that, Kian Ming has urged the five of them to come forward to explain or deny allegations that their degrees were “bought”.

“If they fail to clarify this, I urge them to withdraw from being a candidate in the upcoming 13th General Elections,” he added.

The Puchong Parliamentary candidate, Kohillan, has been said to have bought a Master’s Degree in Science for Commercial and Industrial Economy from the Pacific Western University in the United States (US). This institution was allegedly charged in court and ordered to shut down after being found guilty in selling degrees.

Klang Parliamentary candidate, Kim Pooh also allegedly bought his Ph.D. in Business Administration from New Port University in US, another institution that is considered a “degree mill”.

Umno candidate, Ab Wahab for Taman Medan constituency allegedly acquired his Ph.D. in Public Service from an institution in Ireland that is listed as a degree mill by the British Broadcasting Channel (BBC) in 2008, the Irish International University.

Meanwhile, candidate for the Pandamaran constituency, Eu Boon, has been said to obtain his Ph.D. in Network Marketing from St George University International, US, which is also reported to be a degree mill.

Similarly for Kajang constituency, Ban Seng, who allegedly procured his degree in Business Management from another degree mill, the Rutherford University, US.

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