SRA Kebun Bunga Receives Annex worth RM5 Million


KUALA LANGAT, Apr 6: Kebun Bunga Religious Primary School (SRA) receives RM5 million to build an annex for the convenience of the students.


Malay Customs and Youth and Sports Executive Councillor, Dr Ahmad Yunus Hairi said that the construction of the four-storey building which can accommodate 24 classrooms will commence at the end of this year and is expected to complete, at the latest, in two years.

He said that the provision for the construction was given due to the increased capacity of students, which has risen every year, resulting in the students having to study in the school’s Surau.

“So far, the school has a total of 1,529 students for both sessions. The crowded conditions make it difficult for them to learn. We will also be building a canteen building,” he said when met after the Thanksgiving Feast for the construction of the Surau and the proposed buildings for the Religious Primary School, here at Kampung Medan.

Meanwhile, the Principal of the Kebun Baharu SRA, Norehan Mahamud expressed her gratitude and thanks to the State Government.


She said that the increasing capacity of students caused discomfort to the students in their learning.

“Although we have four blocks of 18 classes, due to the large student population, it has become crowded. The school is also squeezed by the dense housing development. So the move of the State Government to help the students is greatly appreciated,” she said.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim attended the thanksgiving ceremony in conjunction of the completion of the replacement building for the Kampung Medan SRA surau.

The surau is equipped with toilets and also an ablution place at a cost of RM490,000.

Also present was the Kuala Langat Member of Parliament, Abdullah Sani.

During the function, Abdul Khalid also presented the Senior Citizen Scheme adistance for the Sijangkang constituency and a contribution for outstanding students in the Malaysian Certificate of Education (SPM) examinations as well as the Launch of the 2013 Mumtaz Milikku.

Yunus also informed that the Mumtaz Milikku programme produced many excellent students in the Primary Religious Primary School Assessment (PSRA).


According to records, on 2008, there were a total of 48 outstanding students; in 2009, 70 outstanding students; 100 outstanding students for 2010; 126 students in 2011 and 135 excellent students in 2012.

Meanwhile, the number of students following the programme has increased from year to year. In 2008 and 2009, there were 120 students; 2010 saw 180 students; 202 students for 2011 and for the year 2013, there are 222 students.

“It shows an increase every year. Although the cost of these additional classes do not reach RM20,000 per year, there is an element of success from this programme. So I hope that it will continue,” he said.

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