Continue Efforts to Make Sure the People of Selangor Receive Water Shares


SHAH ALAM, 10 May: Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim will make sure that water shares will still be given to the people even if he is not elected as Chief Minister for a second term.

According to him, this is because the matter had been promised to the people before the 13th General Election (GE-13) last Sunday.

“Even if I am not elected as Chief Minister, I will still do the job because I want to show the people of Selangor that the people’s right must be returned to the people in the best way.

“After winning the GE-13, every night I jot down and make calculations for this water share,” he said in front of about 30,000 spectators who attended the Selangor Pakatan Rakyat Victory Thanksgiving Ceremony, here at the Independence Square.

Abdul Khalid added that the move will be carried out by him to ensure that the people are not burdened by every time privatisation happens.

“No one can misuse that power. I do not want the people to be burdened every time privatisation happens,” he said.

Meanwhile, Abdul Khalid also said that Pakatan Rakyat’s victory is not based on good luck as claimed by Umno-BN.

“In the past, Umno-BN said we won because we were lucky, no it is no longer so…It is actually bad luck for Umno-BN to not capture Selangor.

“Therefore, we ask the people, together with public servants, political leaders and friends in business, to build Selangor as a state that prioritises the people, with that, the funds we have has to be channelled to the people with trust,” he said.

In the recent GE-13, Abdul Khalid won the Bandar Tun Razak Parliamentary seat and the Port Klang constituency seat.

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