Noor Hanim: PR’s Victory Assures Women’s Welfare


SERI SERDANG, 3 May: The rights and welfare of women would be better taken care of under Pakatan Rakyat (PR) if given the opportunity to govern Putrajaya.

Therefore, women should be wise to take the opportunity to evaluate offers in the PR manifesto.

According to Seri Serdang constituency PAS candidate, Noor Hanim, many women are not working and are full-time housewives. They are the ones who will be given priority as offered in the PR manifesto.

“For example, the Malaysian women’s contribution. If PR rules, they will contribute RM600 per year and husbands can contribute RM10 to RM100 depending of their ability.

“We are lucky because PR is attentive and includes welfare for women in their manifesto,” said Noor Hanim.

Additionally, in recognition of women’s contribution to the country’s development, PR will also introduce Women’s Empowerment Policy to meet 30% of the national target for participation of women in management, leadership and administration of the public and private sector by 2017.

Noor Hanim, 51, holds a diploma in Business and Management from the Swansee Institute previously and is also knows as a community activist among the residents of Seri Serdang.

Among the community activities she has participated in include being the Coordinator for Human Capital Development in Seri Serdang, the Muslimat head of As-Salam Mosque, the Chairman of the Information Bureau for the Muslim Sisterhood Association (Salimah) and a cancer awareness activist.

Noor Hanim is also involved in drafting the five year policy for the Selangor Islamic Religious Department, a guest motivator at schools, SPIES programme coordinator for teachers and religious throughout Selangor and others.

She also held several key positions in the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) around Seri Serdang and Puchong.

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