Repay the People’s Trust with Better Service


SHAH ALAM: Pakatan Rakyat (PR), which was given a new mandate to lead the Selangor State Government, has been asked to help the people more efficiently.

Entering into their second term, PR has also been asked to strengthen the Localising the Selangor Economy (MES – Merakyatkan Ekonomi Selangor) agenda by introducing new programmes and to identify the target group so that all assistance can be enjoyed by the people more comprehensively.

Ahmad Zakaria Talib, 43, from Padang Jawa said that PR has proven their ability and with this new mandate, the State Government has been asked to expedite all assistance to the people because previously, there were complaints saying that there was some assistance which was delayed in delivery.

“It is hoped that the State Government increases activities involving the youth so that they are more active in various useful activities,” he told Selangor Kini.


For the young people like Zulkifli Zahari, 21, the success of PR in keeping the mandate in Selangor is a positive development because what was previously outlined can go on as planned.

He hopes that the State Government can help the young people who will be pursuing higher education.

“On the admission to private and public institutes of higher learning, in terms of fees, private institutes (IPTS) are more expensive while public institutes (IPTA) are cheaper but it is difficult to enter IPTA because of the high number of students. IPTS should impose a more flexible fee payment,” he said.

Meanwhile, Tan Kee Ying, 30, hopes that the garbage collection problem in Selangor can be resolved to be better so that the people in this state will enjoy a better life.

“I am satisfied with the PR State Government because their determination to improve services to the people is evident.

“For the new term, hopefully (public) funds will be distributed to the people, such as the poor, in a correct and systematic way,” she said.


For senior citizens, Suraman Mohd Shahir, 65, PR, as the administrator of the State Government, must provide better services because the people are now more confident in the ability of PR.

“This time around, PR would certainly be better prepared and more responsible in repaying the people of Selangor’s trust.

“Change as chanted – ‘This time lah’, therefore there should be change. (PR) must fulfill all promises,” he said.

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