Ustaz Azizan’s Condition Stabilised


SHAH ALAM, 8 May: Former Chief Minister of Kedah, Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak who was in a critical condition at the Penang general Hospital was reported to be in a stable condition.

Former press secretary, Helmi Khalid reported to Selangorku Media at 5.30pm just now that Azizan’s blood pressure is back to normal.

According to Helmi, Azizan can also now move his legs and arms.

Azizan was admitted to the hospital yesterday evening and now is receiving treatment at the cardiology unit due to complications of hypertension, diabetes and kidney problem.

The Penang General Hospital Director, Datuk Dr Yasmin Sulaiman said that Azizan, 73, was admitted to the Emergency and Trauma Department last night before being transferred to the ICU at 9.15 last night.

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