Indah Ria Apartments Reparation Costs May Hit RM20 Million


SHAH ALAM, June 21: The cost of repairing Indah Ria Apartments in Section 22 which has cracks and is endangering the lives of its 1,000 residents would reach RM20 million, said Batu Tiga Assemblywoman, Rodziah Ismail.

Meanwhile the cost of monitoring and research conducted by the Malaysian Public Works Institute (Ikram) would cost RM800,000.

Although the Selangor Government has agreed to carry out reparation works on the apartment, the overall cost will be reclaimed from the developer of the apartment, Shanghai Realty (M) Sdn Bhd.

In fact, Rodziah said that the Selangor Government will demand for the developer to pay the cost of repair for the 15-storey apartment through a court process.

“The result of the survey, a research carried out found that the situation is very critical at the parking area but for the residential buildings, although there are cracks, according to Ikram, it is still not included in the critical category.

“This is because they both have different structures or ‘piling’, so the situation is different. However, Ikram asks for another three months, until this August.

“(This is) to carry out forensic and engineering studies to make sure of the true state of the building structure before any recommendations are made,” explained Rodziah who is also the Exco for Welfare and Women’s Affairs.

It was previously reported that more than 1,000 residents of the apartment were concerned for their safety when there were problems of land fissure in the parking area causing the structure of the residential building to crack over a year ago.

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