Kapar Health Clinic Outdated, Manivanan Demands Explanation from MOH


KLANG, June 18: The rude attitude of staff and the condition of the clinic which allegedly does not place importance on the aspects of safety and health are among the problems faced by the residents if they seek to receive health services from the Kapar Health Clinic.

Kapar Member of Parliament, Manivanan Gowin said that he received unpleasant feedback from the local residents on the services of the over 30-year-old clinic.

According to a resident of Kapar, Mohd Akhir Othman, who suffered ‘momentary paralysis’ on 9 June, claimed that the staff at the clinic were rude.

“There is text (SMS) message by a witness, the Kapar Village Head, Jamlus Hasan, who claims that the staff at the clinic have issued words such as ‘do not disturb us, go somewhere else, why do you disturb us early in the morning,” he said.

Additionally, Manivanan found that the clinic takes a nonchalant attitude on the aspect of safety and health when they did not fully close the area being repaired, causing dust to envelop the patient waiting area.

“This is not a construction site, this a health clinic. Such things should not happen,” he added.

Thus, he will send a letter to the clinic so that the aforementioned problems are resolved as soon as possible.


Manivanan suggested that renovations should be done on Saturday and Sunday as the clinic is closed during the weekend.

In the meantime, a letter will be sent to the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) to seek clarification on the infrastructure of the clinic which allegedly can no longer function and provide good service.

Manivanan also criticised the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak who promised to build a hospital in Kapar in the event he manages to capture Selangor in the last general election.

“In my opinion, it is not fair. He lost so he does not want to set up a hospital.

“70,000 people voted for me, while 50,000 voted for BN. I am also demanding for the 50,000 people who hope for a hospital. Najib cannot say ‘if I win’, because there were still people who voted for BN,” he added.

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