PR Ready to Host Joint Committee with BN to Fight Crime


PETALING JAYA, June 19: Pakatan Rakyat (PR) stated their commitment to fight crime with a proposed establishment of a joint committee with the Royal Malaysian Police and BN leaders.

The committee may discuss public security issues, including the best method of curbing crime.

The commitment was expressed by PKR De Facto Leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in a press statement here at the party headquarters this morning,

“I offer full support from PR to the police forces to cooperate by attracting the public to bridge the growing gap between public credibility and perception about the true state of the country’s crime rate.

“I will present to the leadership of PR that the committee which comprises of PR and representatives from BN to be immediately formed to cooperate with the Chief of Police and his officers to address the people’s concerns about safety,” said Anwar.

Although he declined to point fingers at any party regarding the rising incidences of crime, Anwar said that it is clear that this issue is the responsibility of the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Police force.

Therefore, he hopes that the level of public confidence in their own, their families and their property safety can be improved with the cooperation of responsible parties.

Meanwhile, on a separate issue, he also demanded for the police to act professionally by cooperating with the organisers of the #Blackout505 peaceful assembly at Padang Merbok this Saturday.

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