Rafizi Exposes Postal Vote Buying in Terengganu


PETALING JAYA, June 4: PKR Strategy Director, Rafizi Ramli revealed yet another police report claiming that an individual confiscated and crossed the postal voting ballot papers in the recent 13th General Election.

In fact, the individual also paid RM100 cash for every ballot paper in the incident which allegedly occurred at a seat in Terengganu.

“A police report was made by an Election Commission (EC) officer at the Jereteh Police Station on May 4.

“In the report, the officer (name confidential) admitted that he, together with 24 EC officers were directed to submit blank postal ballots to BN candidates.

“(They) paid RM100 for each ballot paper on 29 April,” he told reporters here at the PKR headquarters.

However, the next day, the officer then met with the BN representatives involved to request back the ballot papers.

Rafizi claimed that the ballots had been crossed and 24 ballots were put into the ballot boxes.

The complainant informed that after casting the postal ballots, the individual’s finger was not smeared with the indelible ink as it should be according to the election rules, he said.

In relation to that, Rafizi said that the police report will be used as evidence of fraud and irregularities in the GE-13 before filing the petition in court.

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