Selangor Builds Largest Maahad Tahfiz in Sabak Bernam


SHAH ALAM, June 30: The largest Science Maahad Tahfiz in Selangor situated at Bagan Terap, Sabak Bernam is expected to be completed next year, said Islamic Affairs, Agricultural Modernisation and Rural Development Exco, Sallehen Mukhyi.

Meanwhile, the State Government plans to build two more new Maahad Tahfiz in Sepang and Selayang, said Sallehin who is also the Sabak Assemblyman.

For the Maahad Tahfiz in Bagan Terap, Sallehin said that the State Government is in the process of repairing the old Selangor Foundation Skills Institute (IKYS) building so that it can be used for the Maahad (Institution).

“We have been planning over the past five years. We want to set up three Maahad Tahfiz.

“The main purpose of establishing the Science Maahad Tahfiz is to produce more students of the Qur’an.

“Apart from that, the students will also not be left behind in enhancing their academic performance,” he said when met at the Ramadhan Contribution Handing-over Ceremony here at the State Mosque.

To start, the Bagan Terap Science Maahad Tahfiz will accommodate 500 students.

“I hope that the number of students will increase to 1,000 to 2,000 students. That may take three to four years,” he said.

During the ceremony yesterday, a total of RM2.7 million has been allocated to Mosques and Suraus throughout the state for the Ramadhan Moreh Programme contribution.

394 mosques received RM1,650 while 196 Friday prayer suraus received R1,250 and RM1,883, while other suraus received RM1,000.

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