Pakatan Not Confident With MACC’s Investigation Against Taib Mahmud


SHAH ALAM, July 1: The leaders of Pakatan Rakyat are not convinced by the latest announcement by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) regarding the agency’s investigation against the the Chief Minister of Sarawak, Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud.

This is because allegations that Abdul Taib and his family are involved in corruption and abuse of power have been made before with various media exposures and police reports.

The latest is a video filmed by the Global Witness NGO in arch which showed Abdul Taib’s relatives who tried to sell land in Sarawak to the NGO activists who were posing as foreign investors.

Unfortunately, the Chief Minister said that he will not cooperate with the MACC when the agency wanted to call for an investigation.

Publicity Secretary, Anthony Loke Siew Fook said that till now, Abdul Taib has not been subject to any action.

“There is no confidence in the MACC with regards to Taib’s case unless he is prosecuted,” he said through a Short Messaging System (SMS) tect when asked to comment on the issue.

TheStar newspaper today reported that the MACC is reviewing 400 files and are recording statements from over 20 individuals related to the case against Abdul Taib.

The MACC in a statement said that the agency has never stopped investigating Abdul Taib and that they have set up a special committee for the investigation.

The investigation is believed to refer to disclosures made in the video from Global Witness.

Meanwhile, the Sarawak Youth Wing urged the MACC to call upon Abdul Taib to prove that the agency is truly serious in its investigations.

“We want him to be called for investigations. He is a key witness. We do not want investigations only to be done on the files.

He also questioned the ‘difficulty’ faced to call Abdul Taib but the ease it is in calling up someone else if they are just commoners.

“Does this country have two sets of laws? If we look at cases involving ordinary citizens, it takes less than a week for the MACC to call them up, but it is different with Taib.

“We take the answer given by the MACC as being subterfuge and its works a farce. To this day, the answer given is just a farce to cover up the truth from the knowledge of the people,” he said.

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