PKNS Corporate Culture Revolution Boosts Work Culture and Competitiveness


SHAH ALAM, July 18: As a company that requires close relationship with customers, the Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS) organised a Corporate Culture Revolution Programme especially for its staff.

The programme is believed to improve work culture, operations, administration, matter linked with the appointment of PKNS members, so that it is always seen as a company that moves forward positively.

PKNS Academy General Manager, Idris Ishak said, through this programme, every employee of PKNS would be free to submit ideas to further improve PKNS in the future.

“Our aim is to make PKNS a fun working environment thus motivating its members to carry out their duties,” he told TVSelangor.

In the meantime, over 1,040 PKNS employees from various capacities participated in the programme, with 60 individuals appointed as ‘Key Influencers’ to ensure the success of this programme.

According to Ishak, many PKNS members welcomed the ‘No Blame’ culture which is one of the main goals to be achieved through this programme.

“Most of the participants felt happy when tabling proposals for improvement received by the management, promising to consider the proposed improvements given,” added the Programme Coordinator.

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