RM2.7 Million for Mosques and Suraus throughout Selangor


SHAH ALAM, July 11: The Selangor State Government has allocated RM2.7 million in conjunction with the Ramadan celebrations to mosques and suraus across the state to implement the Ihya Ramadan programme this year.

Exco for Islamic Affairs, Agricultural Modernisation and Rural Development, Sallehen Mukhyi said that the provisions involve about 392 mosques and 170 suraus which will be upgraded to be used for the Friday prayers and 1881 suraus.

He said, for mosques, RM1,650 has been allocated and for upgrading suraus, RM1,250 is provided and for suraus, RM1,000.

“The money will be channelled directly to the accounts of the mosques and suraus, and it is hoped that it will be used to enliven the Ramadan month with religious programmes,” said Sallehen during a press conference here at his office.

He said, this year the funds will be channelled directly to the mosques and suraus so that the distribution is faster and can be used immediately.

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