Set Ceiling Price for Poultry Early during Festive Seasons


SHAH ALAM, July 17: The Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism (KPDNKK) has been urged to be more proactive in addressing the problem of increased poultry prices by setting ceiling prices at an earlier date.

Executive Councillor for Consumer Affairs, Elizabeth Wong said that setting the ceiling prices two months before a festive season is no longer effective in addressing this often repeating problem.

This is to overcome the sharp increase in prices that often occurs especially during festive seasons.

She added that the move to relax the importing of poultry from abroad can only help augment existing supplies due to high demand during festive seasons.

“However, the key issue to be addressed by the government is the profit-taking by traders of poultry during festive seasons,” she said when met after the State Government Executive Council meeting.

She explained that monitoring should also be increased because there is an increase in market prices of other items such as beef, vegetables and fish.

“In fact, several NGOs previously suggested for a ceiling price to be set earlier than usual.

“It is so that farmers and traders will not advantage to profit excessively,” she said.

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