‘When Crime Happens to the People, it is Perception, When it Happens to Ministers, it is Reality’


KUALA LUMPUR, July 10: Home Affairs Minister, Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi claims to be using the excuse of increased crime rates to bring back the Emergency Ordinance (EO).

According to Gombak Parliamentarian, Azmin Ali, Zahid’s confession emerged following an incident where a cabinet minister’s house was broken into by criminals recently.

Azmin stressed that previously, every time a crime-related matter is raised, the ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) gave answers that it is a perception.

“But yesterday, during the winding up session, the minister stressed that it is no longer a perception but the crime rate if truly high in this country.

“When crime happens to the people, it is considered as a perception, but when it happens to leaders or ministers, it is a reality,” stressed Azmin.

Azmin also asked, is the minister’s plea to be made an excuse for the government to bring back the EO which was eliminated.

For the record, the EO was abolished in 2011 following allegations that it was not democratic.

Since it was abolished, some 2,000 prisoners have been released.

In the meantime, Azmin also criticised the actions of the Federal Government and the police of being allegedly silent when crimes happen to people in this country.

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