Community Urged to Avoid Careless Attitude and Forget to Prevent Fire


PETALING JAYA, August 4: The community has been urged to avoid from being careless, idle and often forget what usually happens when they want to leave the house as such attitudes lead to fire.

The Chief of the Jalan Pencala Fire Department, Zaidi Ahtan said that the people should always be aware of their surroundings so that no unwanted incidents happen, and at the same time, to be ready to be in the front line to prevent fires.

He said this when he was met at the Fire Prevention Programme at the Matahari Supermarket here in Taman Datuk Haron.

The programme which was held in collaboration with the Taman Medan State Legislative Assembly to double efforts by holding fire prevention programmes in public areas.

Zaidi also informed that according to statics, fires that happen when houses are unoccupied are still high.

Such things happen due to lack of knowledge and awareness on actions that should be taken before leaving the residence.

Meanwhile, Taman Medan Assemblywoman, Haniza Talha said that such efforts are being conducted on an on-going basis so that fires that happen in the absence of occupants can be prevented.

According to her, through field programmes such as this, she and the Fire Department can also visit farmers’ markets and public places to distribute flyers, especially in densely populated areas with high risk of fire happening.

“In conjunction with the Hari Raya Aidilfitri (Eid al-Fitr) celebrations, we distributed 4,000 leaflets to the public.

“I hope that with programmes such as this, the residents will be more aware of factors that can cause a fire so that it can be avoided,” she said.


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