Democracy is ‘Dead’ in Umno


SHAH ALAM, August 19: Umno’s willingness to make changes in the party’s general election in October is seen and not being able to be interpreted as there still is a demand for members to not contest for the position of President and Vice-President.

This situation clearly shows that Umno still has an old fashioned mind-set despite its chants of the party reform agenda.

MP for Sungai Petani, Datuk Johari Abdul said that the new regulations in the Umno election prescribing that whoever wants to contest should have experience in holding the top position for at least three terms may thwart efforts to raise competent candidates.

“(This situation) this disables the democratic process within the party to newcomers who cannot compete, such as the former Prime Minister’s son, Datuk Mukhriz Tun Mahathir,” he told TVSelangor.

Previously, some academics recommended for the two top positions within Umno to be contested to prove that the party is really democratic.

However, the issue was attempted to be eclipsed by statements from several Umno leaders asking for the position of President and Vice-President to not be contested.

This is due to concerns that there will be a split in the party.

According to Johari, the attitude of Umno leaders not daring to bring about change in the party proves that the party is falling behind times.

“This proves that Umno does not have any big agenda to bring about changes in the party, and is not providing room for new faces to lead the party,” said Johari.

Umno is expected to hold the highest leadership election and the Supreme Council election on October 19.

The last time these two positions were contested was in 2009.

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