Egypt Crisis: Malaysian Government Should Not Remain Silent


SHAH ALAM, August 2: Malaysia needs to state its stand regarding the military invasion in Egypt which caused the fall of President Mohammed Morsi.

Member of Parliament for Shah Alam, Khalid Samad said, the Malaysian Government should not remain silent because the unrest in Egypt has now killed hundreds of people.

He said, based on the support shown, it is clear that the citizens of the country want Dr Morsi to return as President of Egypt.

“We ask for the government of Malaysia to play its role and use whatever influence there is to influence the Egypt military government to return the country to a democratic foundation re-founded by Dr Morsi.

“When the Malaysian government remains silent, it gives the impression that we accept coup practices and as a result thereof is a great stress inflicted on Muslims in Gaza, Palestine,” he said in a press conference here yesterday.

According to him, the information obtained which can be trusted is that the coup was a result of a masterminded intervention from Israel and the US because they do not want Egypt to enjoy a democratic system which will lead to Islamist being in power.

He said, PAS has sent a representative, Dr Syed Azman to Egypt and is now with protesters in the country.

“It is a show of support from PAS towards a democratically elected government,” he said.

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