Nazri Creates Ministry as he Pleases, Changes Son’s Post when Attacked


SHAH ALAM, 18 August: Umno-BN leaders often do as they please in administration and only make corrections after being criticised by the people, said Tian Chua.

The PKR Vice-President was referring to Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz’s change of his son’s post from the Ministry of Tourism and Culture to the Padang Rengas Parliament.

The Batu Member of Parliament said that Nazri only issued confusing statements and changed the position of his son, Nedim, to cover the issue from the people’s criticism.

“He said that his son is already rich and does not need to be paid. That was a rather strange thing. We do not know whether he is working for free or only is there to help.

“Nazri treats the ministry as a personal right if he wants to place his son, or anyone as he pleases. That seems to be the behaviour of Umno-BN ministers,” he told TVSelangor today.

Nedim was a special officer in the Ministry of Tourism and Culture before being re-posted as a special officer to the Member of Parliament for Padang Rengas, after the appointment became public debate.

The changes in Nedim’s post is believed to have been done following a statement by the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak, stating that a minister cannot have a member of his or her family work in the ministry.

Nazri is the minister in the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and the Member of Parliament for Padang Rengas.

Elaborating, Tian Chia said that this is not the first time such as case has happened. Instead it is becoming very common among Umno-BN leaders.

“The Prime Minister can place his wife, (maybe) give a budget to his wife. It has become a kind of political convention for Umno-BN,” he said.

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