Tony: ‘Why Afraid of Inviting PR MPs to Visit KLIA2?’


SHAH ALAM, August 22: Petaling Jaya Member of Parliament (MP), Tony Pua questioned the actions of the Deputy Transport Minister, Datuk Abdul Aziz Kaprawi, of refusing to invite Pakatan Rakyat MPs to visit KLIA2.

According to Tony Pua, since two years ago, he has asked for a meeting with the Ministers and for a visit to the KLIA2 construction site.

The last time this was requested was during the Parliamentary session in June, and Abdul Aziz replied that the request will be considered.

“Till today, our request remains unsatisfied and the ministers do not at all believe that the KLIA2 project can be completed as reported.

“The issue of the delay in the KLIA2 construction, which should be completed in September 2011, and the increase of the cost of construction from RM1.7 billion to RM4 billion, has been raised by PR parliamentarians since two years ago,” said Tony in his media statement.

According to Tony, the government, and also Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB), previously guaranteed that the cost will not increase and construction work will not be late.

However, eventually, MAHB had to admit that the project cannot be completed on schedule and that the cost had jumped to RM4 billion.

He said that the ministry is allegedly not transparent and does not dare to do so (arrange for a visit) because of ulterior motives which have not been reported to the media about the project.

“We can observe that the attitude of MAHB and the Ministry all this while is to point fingers at others without acknowledging MAHB’s decision to move the site of KLIA2 and their incompetence in managing the project which has resulted in repeated delays in the project.

“All the above parties have denied allegations from MAHB, and the people are still in the fog and have not received the truth in the scandal which has cost RM4 billion,” said Tony.

He added that due to the increased cost, it is reported that MAHB had to borrow RM1 billion through the offering of sukuk bonds with higher costs.

“The attitude of confidentiality of MAHB and the Ministry also shows that all guarantees given by both sides are empty guarantees.

“And there’s a big issue that is being covered up so that the people will not know the truth or that the guilty party will not be subject to any penalty,” he said.

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